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 HACOSEC  Haitian Community Service Center

The Haitian Community Service Center, Inc. (HACOSEC) is a private non-profit organization (501) (c) (3) which coordinates and promotes the principles of advancement and education. Toward that goal, HACOSEC strives to achieve greater involvement of the African and Caribbean communities regarding the proper role of parents and the community in the successful education of our youth and to increase the capacity of people to think and work on a global and intercultural basis.

The mission of the HACOSEC Youth Summer Institute is to advance knowledge and educate students in areas of scholarship that will best prepare them for higher education.

The Institute will focus on literacy, computer skills, reading appreciation, art, music and sports. Evaluation of student achievement and proficiency in reading and the student's progress will be conducted during and at the conclusion of the course.

The Institute will provide a varied schedule of activities designed to assist the participants acquire knowledge through exposure to museums, libraries and historic sites around Boston, Massachusetts.

One of the goals of the Institute is to expose students to a university setting, to help those students overcome fears or feelings of insecurity associated with higher education.

HACOSEC also advocates and supports immigrants and community members in need of services or assistance to become self-sufficient.


Youth Summer Camp at Umass Boston, Contact us for more info at 617-282-9501

Your contribution to HACOSEC is tax deductible.

Please make your check payable to HACOSEC:

Haitian Community Service Center
825 Washington Street
Dorchester, MA 02124

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  Interview with Me Elda James Member Fondateur de HACOSEC sur Camera Mosaique and InfoHaiti.net

Youth Summer Camp at Umass

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  Bethoven Camille

  Chenet Nerette

  Dr. Sicard

  Edwidge Berrouet

  Elda James

  Jn Patrick Romain

  Rodney Marcelus

  Sarah-Jane Quessa

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